Selling a Home in Northern Vermont

Selling a home can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.

With our team and carefully designed process, we strive to make the selling process as easy and stress free as possible. While we cannot promise it will be perfect, we will work together to make sure everything we do sets you up for a quick and smooth sale. 

Our Selling Process

Ridgeline Real Estate - Our Process - Selling Step 1

Step #1: Consultation

We start with a visit to your home to see your home and discuss your goals and timeline. We will also explain what the listing process looks like and of course we will go over what we will do to make sure your home gets SOLD! Once we know your goals and see your home, we are able to best advise you on the sale of your home.

Ridgeline Real Estate - Our Process - Selling Step 2

Step #2: Preparing

Once we have met and you decided to list your home with us, it is time to get your home ready! In general, tidying up and decluttering will have the biggest impact, but also getting noticeably broken items repaired will help tremendously.

Ridgeline Real Estate - Our Process - Selling Step 3

Step #3: Staging & Photography

When you are ready to list, we will schedule a staging and photo appointment. During the appointment, we will be staging each room and taking notes and measurements of your home. We hire a professional photographer for every listing.

Ridgeline Real Estate - Our Process - Selling Step 4

Step #4: Launch & Showings

After the photo appointment, we prepare your listing for the launch! Once the listing is prepared, we send it to you for your review. Once you have given us the go-ahead, we are ready for launch! We have carefully designed a launch plan that ensures your home is seen.

Ridgeline Real Estate - Our Process - Selling Step 5

Step #5: Offers

After all the preparation and a few showings, we hope to have an offer (or two)! When we receive an offer, we reach out to all agents who have shown the property to see if they have any further interest. Sometimes this motivates buyers to offer!

Ridgeline Real Estate - Our Process - Selling Step 6

Step #6: Inspections

Typically within the first two weeks of going under contract, the buyer will hire an inspector to inspect the property. The buyers will be at the inspection with the inspector and their agent. This is the buyer's time to get to know the property, so we ask that you not be present at the inspection.

Ridgeline Real Estate - Our Process - Selling Step 7

Step #7: Closing

Once the inspections, any work needed has been completed, and the buyers have completed their financing requirements, we are ready to close. You are expected to be completely moved out of the home by closing. The buyers usually conduct a final walkthrough to ensure the property is as expected about 24 hours prior to closing.

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