Buying a Home in Northern Vermont

Any agent can sell you a house, we want to be the ones to welcome you home.

Over the years in the business, we have discovered that anyone can sell you a house, but it takes a special level of service to help you find a home. At Ridgeline, we have carefully designed our services to make sure we don’t sell you a house. Instead we take the time to get to know you, your needs, desires, and lifestyle to make sure the home you buy is the home for you.

You come first when you work with Ridgeline. That’s our promise, that is our guarantee, it’s as simple as that.

Our Buying Process

Ridgeline Real Estate - Our Process - Buying Step 1

Step #1: Consultation

Let’s chat! Before we go look at houses, we like to sit down and get on the same page. We want to fully understand your needs, goals, and motivations to best help you. Despite living in a digital world, the best place to start is still meeting face to face.

Ridgeline Real Estate - Our Process - Buying Step 2

Step #2: Search

Here is the fun part!

In addition to keeping an eye on the market, we will set you up on a "buyer cart" which pulls directly from the MLS and will notify you when homes that meet your criteria. We will also ask agents in our office if they know of anything coming on the market that might meet your criteria. Sometimes the home you buy won't even be on the market!

Ridgeline Real Estate - Our Process - Buying Step 3

Step #3: Offer

With some luck and hunting, hopefully we will find you the perfect property! 

When that happens, and you are ready to offer. We will advise you on what we think the property is worth, recommend inspections, prepare the offer, explain what each part says, and answer all the questions you have before you sign.

Ridgeline Real Estate - Our Process - Buying Step 4

Step #4: Inspection

Once you are under contract, both you and the seller will be getting the inspections agreed in the contract completed. 

If you are getting a home inspection completed, we recommend blocking off 2-3 hours. The inspection is a great time for you to get acquainted with the home.

Ridgeline Real Estate - Our Process - Buying Step 5

Step #5: Closing

Depending on when the closing is scheduled, you will have a few weeks to a month or more between when the inspections are completed to when you close.

During this time the seller will complete any work agreed to in the inspection. If financing, this is the time when you will complete everything your bank will need.

Ridgeline Real Estate - Our Process - Buying Step 6

Step #6: Beyond

Welcome to our community! Well, technically you were already in the community the moment we met, but this will be your official welcome! After you buy your home, you are officially inducted into our Ridgeline Real Estate Company VIP community.

Ready to buy? Contact us today!

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