Ridgeline is one year old!!

Today, February 1st, 2021 is our ONE YEAR anniversary of launching Ridgeline Real Estate Company! Despite the crazy last 12 months, we have had an incredible first year, and are looking forward to many many more. Take a look at some stats from our first year!

Our first year was characterized by a LOT of growth, not only in terms of people helped, but also in terms of team growth and geographic coverage.

From Feb 2020 until now, we have helped 142 people (85 buyers and 57 sellers). We’re not stopping there, our goal is to help 300 people this year!

In addition to growth in the number of clients helped, we also enjoyed huge growth on our team, with the addition of 10 new people! We are so incredibly luck to be working with each and everyone of them, and are excited to continue to add more amazing folks, stay tuned for exciting announcements throughout the year!

With the addition of new people came the expansion into servicing new areas! Take a look at the counties covered, we are slowly covering all of Vermont!

Even with our expansion to more areas of Vermont, most of our business came from Chittenden and Franklin Counties, check out our top towns!

While busy most of the year, real estate has some seasonality with the spring and warmer months being busier than the winter. With the pandemic, this seasonality looked a bit different in 2020. We were in lockdown during the time when the market usually gets busy, so there was some pent up demand and delayed sales that caused our “busy” months to be later in the year.

The last number we like to look at is average price point and total volume for the last year. We are pretty pleased with those numbers!

We are excited to see where the future takes us, let us know if we can help you or someone you know buy or sell in Vermont!

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