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Thinking about becoming an agent? Real estate is a rewarding career. You get to work with and help people everyday and it is one of those few careers where it is truly different each day, and perfect for those who hate being tied to a desk. If you are looking for a career that keeps you engaged with your community and isn’t the same day in and day out, real estate might be for you!

Like many things in life though, it is not easy. It takes time and hard work to make real estate a career and it will require many nights and weekends (especially if you work with buyers). We have designed a training program by pairing you with a mentor that allows you to get up and running as quickly as possible. Many of our new agents have helped more than 15 people buy and sell homes in their first year, which is more than some people do after many years in the business.

At Ridgeline, we all work together to help you succeed, but we don’t want to fool you into believing a real estate career is easy, that doesn’t help anyone in the long run. We often encounter people wanting to get into real estate because they think it is easy money. That couldn’t be farther from the truth, BUT, if you put time and hard work in, and let us help you along the way, real estate might just be the rewarding career you are looking for.

When you launch your real estate career at Ridgeline, you will get:

  • A mentor to guide you during your first year
  • Competitive splits
  • Max company dollar
    (a maximum amount you will pay the brokerage)
  • Office space and desk without fees
  • Supportive, client-focused culture
  • Proven systems and marketing
  • Paid leads

Not yet licensed? Check out the timeline to learn how!

Real Estate License Vermont


Vermont requires you to take a 40 hour pre-licensure course either online or in person. You can find a list of available classes here.




After the class, you will take a test. The test is administered in two parts; a state part and a national part. You must pass both to become licensed in Vermont, and you can take each a few times before you have to retake the class.


You must register your license with a brokerage in Vermont to have it active. Contact us for help registering with the state!



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