Welcome to Ridgeline Real Estate, Vermont’s premier local brokerage.

Ridgeline was founded on four key values. These values guide everything that we do. They act as a lens through which we see the world. They are why we do what we do. 

Value #1:  Always put the client first


At Ridgeline, we take pride in our client-first culture, because after all, that is why we are here; for you. When buying, this means looking beyond just your list of needs and wants and finding a home that fits your lifestyle, one that feels instantly like home.

When selling, this means that we take great care in crafting a listing that presents your home to buyers like you would yourself. We pride ouselves in finding and focusing on the special details that truly make your house a home. This care, along with close attention to detail, helps your listing stand out against the rest of the homes on the market.

Value #2:  Focus on education


No one likes feeling left out in the dark. That feeling when you don’t know what’s going on or where you are heading. It’s disorienting, it’s confusing, it can even be scary. A couple not knowing what’s happening with the stress of moving, and you have a recipe for disaster. We never want that to happen, especially to our clients. With the purchase or sale of one of your largest assets, it is important to know what is going on.

We want to make sure that you know what is happening at the step we’re on and what is going to happen next (or what could happen next). By educating you on the buying or selling process, you are able to enter what is a stressful time more confidently and in a better position to limit the stress.

Value #3:  Top-notch service

Ridgeline Real Estate top-notch service staging and photography

Whether buying or selling, our goal is to provide unparalleled service. We are here for you

whenever you need. We work around your schedule and can be available when you are.

When buying, we work as a team to make sure you are able to see a home as quickly as possible. In today's fast-paced market, speed is the difference between getting the home or missing out.

As a seller, this means that we take the time to explain the process, bring in our stager and professional photography, and gather all the details to craft a thorough and beautiful presentation of your home. This helps it stand out against the other homes on the market.

Value #4:  Think local

Ridgeine Real Estate - Local Vermont Service

At Ridgeline, we are proud to be a local Vermont company, owned by Vermonters, run by Vermonters for Vermonters (and future Vermonters!). We love meeting people in the local community and supporting their work and want to

When you hire an agent, do you know where your dollars are going? When you hire a national franchise, a portion of your commission is paid to their national company somewhere out of Vermont. Because of these fees, your agent has to sell more homes and take on more clients to cover those fees and make a living. At Ridgeline, our agents pay fewer fees allowing them to take on fewer clients and provide you with the service you deserve. Plus your money (minus Uncle Sam’s share) stays local, right here in beautiful, local, Vermont.